Our Restaurant

Art of the Table is a neighborhood restaurant located on Stone Way North between Wallingford and Fremont in Seattle. Since 2007, we have been the restaurant in Seattle to celebrate food and those who dedicate their lives to raising, growing, foraging and catching our produce in the Pacific Northwest.

With an elegant dining room, a 10-seat “chef’s table” and vibrant open kitchen, Art of the Table offers an experience that is both elevated and relaxing for you, our guest. We begin every night of service with the goal of celebrating the diversity of ingredients that our neighboring farmlands, waterways and mountains have to offer.

The menu at Art of the Table, crafted by Chef Dustin Ronspies, changes regularly to reflect a full range of seasonal, local produce. We make everything from scratch, and collaborate directly with local farmers and producers to select ingredients. We offer à la carte and chef’s tasting menus every night. Both menus are designed to leave you feeling thrilled and satisfied, however we highly recommend our tasting menu as the best expression of what we do.


Our Philosophy


We believe the enjoyment of food should be fun and decadent. We encourage you to set aside your phone and worries, step away from your busy life, and enjoy your meal the old-fashioned way. Use your fingers. Eat your fish skin. Try everything. Have a cocktail … better yet, have two!

We are here to give you the best we have to offer each night, and we hope you will join us!


Meet Our Team

Art of the Table is a family-owned restaurant headed by husband-and-wife team Chef Dustin Ronspies and Shannon Van Horn. Together, Dustin and Shannon have built a staff that includes the most dedicated, talented, and passionate people in our industry.

Stop by, and say hello. We'd be happy to pour you a drink. 


Dustin Ronspies

Owner & Executive Chef

“My favorite thing about this place is the connection I have with the food, and the relationships forged with the farmers, ranchers, fishermen and artisans in the Pacific Northwest,” Dustin says.

Those relationships have been the foundation for Art of the Table since the beginning. Dustin opened the restaurant in 2007 as a supper club, with 20 seats and two nights of service each week. He did all the cooking and dishwashing himself.

Dustin’s goal was to elevate the most delicious, seasonal ingredients in the Northwest. So, Dustin went to farmers markets around Seattle almost every day, seeking the best of the best. There, he met farmers and vendors who he worked with to supply ingredients for the supper club’s weekly menus. These local farmers and artisans helped Art of the Table to grow as well – they let Dustin put on cooking demos at their farm stands, and helped get the word out about his supper clubs.

Over the restaurant’s ten-year history, Art of the Table has continuously grown and changed, all under Dustin’s direction and design. In 2015, Dustin began to think about the next iteration of Art of the Table, and two years later moved the restaurant to its new, larger space on Stone Way North. Now there’s room to grow (literally), and Dustin and his team continue to push the food and the experience to new levels.

“I’m proud of our staff, our food and our vision for the future,” Dustin says. “I have nothing but passion for this crazy lifestyle.”




Shannon Van Horn


“I love food and wine!” Shannon says, explaining her passion for the industry and her dedication to running Art of the Table. “I love dining so much, I think it’s one of life’s most wonderful luxuries.”

Shannon joined the Art of the Table team in 2014 as the garde manger/dishwasher in our old space. Since then she has worked almost every job in the restaurant, and now leads our front-of-house team and serves as general manager. Shannon attended culinary school at Inland Northwest Culinary Academy in Spokane, and was working as the sous chef at Elemental when the owners introduced her to Dustin.

After her first year at Art of the Table, she took a break from our kitchen to pursue her love of baking. She was a baker at Portage Bay Café in South Lake Union, and then returned to AOTT in 2014 as pastry chef.  

She left her pastry role after becoming pregnant (“I couldn’t fit in the kitchen anymore!”) and made the jump to front-of-house. Shannon feels right at home working directly with guests and the service team.

“I love the camaraderie of working in a restaurant,” Shannon says. “I love the diverse walks of life that can come together and work toward the same goal and the fact that you always meet lasting friends wherever you work!”


Mitch Palmer

Beverage director

Mitch was the restaurant’s first-ever bartender and worked with Dustin at the old location from 2011 to 2014. Mitch returned in early 2017 to manage our new, expanded bar. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, with a range of experience – everything from bus boy to sous chef to management.

“My favorite thing about working at Art of the Table is being part of a great team,” Mitch says. “Everyone is supportive and pushes each other to constantly grow creatively, individually and as a team.”


Hilary Clark

general Manager

“I love that our menus are constantly changing and evolving,” Hilary says. “It keeps things exciting and interesting, and there's always something new to learn about and introduce our guests to.”

Hilary has been a member of our team since 2015. She has 14 years’ experience in the restaurant industry, from working prep/pantry at a small family Italian spot in Bellingham, to cocktail waitressing in dive bars, to serving in steak houses, and wearing a number of hats here at Art of the Table.